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January 2017

Dehydrated Skin Solutions

  Today we're talking about the most common problem of the skin, that is dehydrated skin. The skin is one of the most important organs and needs special care. Dehydrated and dry skin isn't the same as most people think. Dry skin... Continue Reading →


Essence: All about BRONZE eyeshadow palette

Hi guys! Surely you've noticed this eyeshadow palette on the shelves in drugstores. I received this as a gift from my friend and I must write a review about it because ..thrilled me! First, because I really like bronze shades,... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Skin Care Oils for glowing skin

Hi lovelies! Today I want to write about skincare oils that I use in my routine. Many people are confused about how to use it properly. Although treatment oils can be incredibly effective for most skin types, the way they... Continue Reading →


Happy New Year Beauties! 2016 was definitely a year for makeup hits! Here I have compiled a list of products that I absolutely loved this year. Everything I mention is what I would consider my everyday, must have, holy grail products.  Obviously,... Continue Reading →

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