Hello pretties!

I want to give you a sneak peek at Essence Spring 2017 Blossom Dreams Collection which will be launching in a limited edition at the beginning of spring.

blossom dreams

what’s shimmering so beautiful in the first spring sunbathing? with the essence trend edition “blossom dreams” you welcome spring – beautifully!

blossom dreams – highlighter & blush brush

01 the whisper of spring

the flat brush with thick bristles is ideal for the application of blush and highlighter.

Ravna četkica sa gustim dlačicama idealna za nanošenje rumenila i highlightera

blossom dreams – liquid eyebrow lifter

01 just gimme the light!

The liquid highlighter with light-reflecting pigments visibly opens the eyes.

Tečni highlighter sa svijetlim-reflektirajućim pigmentima koji vidljivo otvore oči. 

blossom dreams – blush

01 call me coral
02 kiss from a rose

Delicate blush with a blossom embossment in two shimmering colours.

Nježno rumenilo sa cvijetnim reljefom u dvije šimeraste nijanse. 


blossom dreams – chrome eyeliner pen

01 of petals and pearls


02 do you hear the chirping birds

The pen sets statements around the eyes. Easy to apply thanks to the “easy glide” texture.


Blossom & Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

01 spring is in the air!

Rosé, nude, mauve and highlighter shades create a gorgeous spring look.

Ružičaste, nude, mauve i highlighter nijanse kreiraju predivan proljetni look.


blossom dreams – scented nail file

01 smells like spring spirit

One end files the nails while the other shapes them – and on top, it has a lovely flowery fragrance.

Jedan dio je za turpijanje noktiju dok je drugi za oblikovanje- i na vrhu ima prelijepi cvijetni miris. 


blossom dreams – velvet lip pencil

02 call me coral
01 kiss from a rose








The wooden pencil can be sharpened and offers bright colours with a fabulous coverage for velvety lips.

Drvene olovke koje se mogu oštriti nude svijetle boje sa odličnim prekrivanjem za baršunaste usne. 

blossom dreams – waterbased top coat

01 set the look

the waterbased top coat is essential for the nail pigment styling as it seals the look and ensures a longlasting effect.

Top Coat lak na bazi vode je esencijalni proizvod za nokte koji daje lijep izgled i osigurava dugotrajni efekat.

blossom dreams – nail oil

01 smells like spring spirit

The moisturizing 2-phase nail oil pampers the nails and cuticles.

Dvofazno ulje za nokte koji njeguje nokte i kožicu oko noktiju. 

blossom dreams – mirror effect nail pigment

01 mirror, mirror on my nails

The pigments contain real silver and create a chrome look, especially on top of nails polished in light colours. Apply with a finger and rub into the nail.

Pigmenti koji sadrže pravo srebro i kreiraju krom look, posebno sa lakom svijetle boje. Nanijeti prstom i utrljati u nokat. 

blossom dreams – iridescent effect nail pigment

01 rosy reflections

The special pigments provide all nail polish colours – especially pastel shades – with an iridescent finish. apply with a finger and rub into the nail.

Specijalni pigmenti koji pružaju svim bojama lakova za nokte- posebno pastelne nijanse- sa završetkom u duginim bojama. Nanijeti sa prstom i utrljati u nokat. 

International Launch Date – March until April 2017 exclusive in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Russia, Australia, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, South Africa, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, Thailand, Lebanon, Panama, Costa Rica, Taiwan, Philippines, Nepal, Bahrain, Malta, Oman, Sri Lanka, UAE